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The Dream Journal
Power Dynamics in Dream Sharing with Gerette Buglion and Dr. Katherine Lawson

We start off by speaking with Katherine about working with cultural symbols vs letting the dreams speak for themselves through embodiment and personal associations. Gerette questions the idea that certain techniques are difficult to do on one’s own and we launch into a discussion of what to look for in a dream teacher including certification and evidence that they are doing their own work.

We also talk about the ethics of dream sharing from the point of view of the teacher or therapist. For one thing one must be aware of the egotistical high that can come from being in a position of authority. Also we speak about the pressure of being in the projections of the people we work with and how important it is for the teacher or therapist to be self-reflective and to have their own support network.

In the context of peer support, we mention the work of the Association for Spiritual Integrity which can be found at

We take a call from Jane who asks how can a practitioner recognize when a client is not the right fit for them?

Katherine’s BIO: Dr. Katherine Lawson has an MA in Counseling Psychotherapy from Pacifica and has her doctorate from Saybrook University in Mind-Body Medicine with a specialty Integrative Mental Health.  She is a therapist who has studied extensively with Robert Bosnak and is a certified Embodied Imagination practitioner.  She recently released a book: Dreamwork for Growth and Healing: A Guided Dream Journal. You can reach Katherine at

Gerette’s BIO: Gerette Buglion is author of An Everyday Cult, a memoir which shows how her innocent quest for meaning left her open to manipulation by a controlling dream teacher. Gerette’s current work is in Cult Recovery and Education. Her signature writing course called, ‘Writing to Reckon’ offers a safe space for cult survivors to share their stories. She is a founding collaborator of the #iGotOut movement, whose mission is to encourage people who have experienced cultic abuse to tell their stories. She also has a podcast called Everyday Cults, Everyday People.

You can reach Gerette at and at

Both of these guests have been on the Journal before here they talked more about their specific history and influences. You can find Katherine’s show here:, and Gerette’s show here,

We play clips from the following two guest-selected songs: Head Full of Doubt by the Avett Brothers and Walking in the Rain by Grace Jones.

Ambient music created by Rick Kleffel new every week. Today’s composition is entitled Anullabye. Many thanks to Rick Kleffel for engineering the show and to Tony Russomano for answering the phones.

Show aired on December 4, 2021.


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