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Organic Rising: Central Coast Farmers Featured in New Film
Anthony Suau, director of Organic Rising, talks about the rise of organic agriculture and its importance to health, the environment and slowing global warming,
Organic Rising will be screened at the Rio Theater in Santa Cruz on May 3 at 5PM. The screening is being hosted by CCOF, UCSC, SCCFM and the Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF).
The film began production in Santa Cruz, CA in 2012 and features a number of local organic farmers including: Tom Broz, of Live Earth Farm, Jeff Larkey of Route 1 Farms, Caleb Barron of Fogline Farm and Joe Schirmer of Dirty Girl Produce. We also worked extensively with CCOF and filmed throughout the Salinas Valley. Myra Goodman, the founder of Earthbound Farms, was interviewed and appears in the film. We spent days at Eco Farm and filmed at UCSC’s Center for Agroecology interviewing now executive director Darryl Wong and instructor Kistin Yogg and Orin Martin.
The film looks at both conventional and organic agricultural practices. Scientists present their research on conventional pesticides: glyphosate as well as 2,4-D, dicamba and atrazine and their long term effect on humans and the environment. This is to present what organic agriculture is not.
Organic Rising is a 2-hour documentary produced by Goldcrest Films with executive producer Deepak Chopra. The film has been selected for more than a dozen film festivals around the world and to date has won Best Feature Documentary at several.
Following the screenings there will be a panel discussion and Q&A with Tom Broz, Jeff Lackey, Nesh Dhillon, Jessy Beckett Parr of CCOF and Director, Anthony Suau. The Q&As, following the screenings, have been intense as consumers are desperate for answers about the USDA organic label.