Talk of the Bay
Talk of the Bay
Nutritionists set the record straight about healthy eating in the modern age

Medical professionals of the past made wide-ranging recommendations, from smoking cigarettes to lose weight to drinking liquor with steak to aid digestion. We expect modern dietary recommendations to be more science-based, but are they?

Three local nutrition specialists—Jill Troderman, Kelly Dearie, and Katie Reid—joined host Suki Wessling on Talk of the Bay to discuss nutrition: what we thought we knew, what we lost, and what we’ve learned since. Topics discussed include:

  • Gut health and the microbiome
  • The biochemistry of food and digestion
  • Autoimmune disease and inflammation
  • Antibiotics and gut health
  • The history of nutritional advice
  • How to cook and eat more healthily

Links to information discussed on this show: