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KSQD 90.7 FM Santa Cruz
Nora Hochman and Progressive Politics

On April 9 Randa Solick interviewed Nora Hochman about progressive politics in Santa Cruz.

They talked about the fact that this famously “progressive” town is no longer progressively run at city or county level. There are very few women or people of color and no representation for union workers.

Sadly the opposition is very financed and organized.

Santa Cruz’s most progressive group the Peoples Democratic Club, currently consists of older people, but would love the welcome young people, as either members or mentees as they form their own group.

They discussed the fact that most active young people are currently justifiably focussed on environmental issues. The young people should realize that they will need progressive officials in place to enact the needed policies.

To get involved contact Nora Hoffman at 831-334-2003 and the Peoples Democratic Club