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Her Most Authentic Self: Women in Comedy

This episode features two amazing funny women, Karin Babbitt and Leah Rogers, speaking from the heart. For them, and for all comedians of their ilk, comedy is about bringing their authentic selves to the stage. It’s about being able to express deep, difficult feelings and ideas in a way that draws others into their lives. It’s about finding the limits where others can’t be drawn in.

Karin was on her way to some version of success in the 80s and early 90s, when suddenly she left the stage to pursue motherhood and teaching. She’s come back now as a mature woman with a whole new view of the role that comedy plays in her life and in the lives of her audience.

“I have faith in myself that this is who I am,” Karin explains. “This is the authenticity and I have every right to return to it and be that person regardless of ageism.”

Leah is, by her own admission, considered “cute” in her real life. But onstage, she gets to step out of that role and into the person who grew up with big older brothers who challenged her to do whatever she wanted. She gets to be the woman who speaks frankly of motherhood, being the wife of Mr. Rogers, and the daughter of an illegal immigrant.

“Your authentic self matters and your experiences matter,” Leah says. “Finding joy and spreading joy is what changes conversations. It gives people permission to laugh about some real shit things going on and it gives people permission to be okay with not being okay.”

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Content note: This recording contains two instances of mild profanity.