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Monarch Butterfly Woes

On Oct 28 Pauline Seales talked with Martha Nitzberg, chief interpretive ranger at Natural Bridges State Beach.

They discuss various problems for the Monarch butterflies including climate change and a parasite known as OE. The scientists believe that milkweed should NOT be grown near overwintering sites such as Santa Cruz. They recommend milkweed 5 miles from the coast where the butterfly moms migrating in spring will be able to lay their eggs.

Natural  Bridges education programs are restarting after a pause during COVID. In person tours are available on Fridays. In spring tide pool tours will begin again.

Natural Bridges can use volunteers for various jobs and has a docent education program.

Martha also urged people to avoid pesticides containing neonicotinoids. These are labelled organic but poison the butterflies and are very persistent. There are lots of other butterfly species that can be safely raised in Santa Cruz and are wonderful pollinators.

To set up field trips   NBfieldtrip@gmail.com

Park webpage

Xerces site about neonicotinoids