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KSQD 90.7 FM Santa Cruz
Moment of Truth with Ami and Alvin
Moment of Truth with Ami and Alvin is a radio show and KSQD podcast addressing the acute crises and opportunities of our day from an emotional, spiritual and activist perspective. From voting rights and attacks on democracy, to racism and the climate crisis, during each episode we explore each crisis, how it affects us, and what it may ASK of us in terms of: resistance, solutions and spiritual grounding. Hosts Alvin Dawkins and Ami Chen approach all issues as physical, emotional, and spiritual beings—interdependent upon one another and planet Earth.

On this segment of Moment of Truth with Ami and Alvin, January 13, 2022 , the following resources were mentioned:

1. https://www.co2.earth/daily-co2 (for daily CO2 stats)

2. GOP alternate forged fake electors sent to Congress and National Archives

3. Texas GOP candidate said Chinese students should be banned from Texas universities

4. Patriot Front, a white supremacist group, march in Washington DC

5. Some Black civil rights and Hispanic opposition to Biden’s recent Atlanta visit and speech