Ask Dr. Dawn
microbiome-related topics plus plastic contamination and the Importance of Deep sleep

MRI imaging show some disc degeneration in most pain-free elders; Plastic contamination is everywhere in food and topical body products — study in pregnant woman is alarming; Genetic influences of endometriosis, polycystic ovary disease, preeclampsia and eclampsia; How leaky gut leads to the autoimmune disease Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia; Vitamin K and Vitamin C creams are very beneficial to skin; Diet with diverse fiber helps fight antibiotic-resistant microbes; The importance of deep sleep — late snacks before going to bed are not good; Protein-rich diet can suppress appetite and help you lose weight; Altering microbiome changes food preferences in mice — leveraging this to reduce bad cravings; The role of the microbiome and bile in regulating immune cells to reduce inflammation