Be Bold, America!
Be Bold, America!
"Me, The People" Sunday, August 16 @ 5:00pm

“Me, The People”

Sunday, August 16, 2020 @ 5:00pm

Replayed: August 18 @ 6:00am

The Presidential election is coming! Starting to feel nervous or overwhelmed?  Let’s fix that.  Forget duty and patriotism for a moment.

Ignore those who have used harsh words such as apathetic, ignorant, lazy or who have accused you of shirking yourpatriotic duty.  Take a cleansing breath, put your hand on your heart and listen – This is your country. You deserve to feel comfy in it.  Once you understand more about basic civics, citizenship and communication you can involve yourself in your own way on your own terms.

Whether you choose to vote or not, you deserve to feel comfy in your country. If you have an interest in voting, but can’t take the politics of it all, you will enjoy this interview.

Interview Guest:

Speaker Lisa Ann Fontana is the author of Me, The People.  She didn’t cast her first vote for anything until she turned 35 years old.  She tried to buy a book to teach her about politics or government so she could vote with confidence, but the bookstore shelves were lined with negativity, and all of them played the blame game.  Instead, she researched it herself until she became the expert, and now she shares her expertise with the other 92 million people who might be looking for it too.  Using her background as a professional actor, Lisa Ann created the character Citizen Cupcakes and designed ‘Welcome Parties’ to help current non-voters get Comfy In Their Country.  Her focus is on putting democracy back where it belongs – In the hands of you and Me, The People.