On Talk of the Bay this Tuesday, October 6, at 5pm Christine Barrington talks with local musician and artist, Makana.

Makana is a multifaceted artist. She sings, raps, dances, directs, and
produces. She was adopted and raised by a single mother in a household
with twelve siblings. Her unorthodox childhood played a monumental role in
how she chose to pursue music. Through osmosis she absorbed her
mother’s spirit of rebellion and independence. All of Makana’s music is self-
produced; she writes her own lyrics and she makes her own beats.
Experimentation is at the forefront of her creative process. She thrives in
pushing the edge of who she thinks she is; creating fertile ground for making
music that is edgy, expressive, and unpredictable.

Makana’s EP to be released October 12th (National Indigenous People’s Day) is called “My People.” The title is a rich invitation to celebrate yourself right along with this fabulous artist: “I am a star; I realized a long time ago that I don’t need fame or fortune to know that about myself. My desire is that this EP reaches the ears of My People, the people who are ready to receive the gift that I am offering
through music, My People, who are ready to claim their power and
recognize that they are stars too”