Thanks to our engineers Sandy Stone and Brant Harrett, K-squid is back to full power with our new transmitter. A few days before our pledge drive was set to begin, our transmitter took ill with a technical problem and became inoperable. Thanks to some fast thinking on the part of our board and our engineers, we were able to order a new transmitter and have it shipped in a few days. On Saturday, April 23rd, earth day, they installed it and it seems to be working just fine. In fact, it sounds even better than our original one! We only had a small interruption in service while they swapped the new for the old. The total cost to KSQD was $6,800 clams. The pledge drive, which starts on April 28th, will help us pay for that unexpected expense, plus keep your favorite local station thriving into the future, bringing you the programs you’ve come to depend on for entertainment and information.