Be Bold, America!
Be Bold, America!
Christine Barrington's "Behind the Mic" Interview with Jill Cody

KSQD “Behind the Mic” Interview with Jill Cody

Sunday, June 18, 2023 at 5:00pm (PDT)

Jill Cody is a pro-democracy truth activist.

Jill is fighting for Americans to reclaim their boldness in pursuit of a creative, constructive, and compelling America that nurtures an America with ethical principles and functional systems. Jill believes we can be a country with engaged citizens whose lives are politically active and personally meaningful.

“Talk of the Bay” host, Christine Barrington, takes you “Behind theMic” with host Jill Cody, author of America Abandoned: The Secret Velvet Coup that Cost Us Our Democracy and Climate Abandoned: We’re on the Endangered Species List whose vision for an American political renaissance centers on igniting citizen action.

Every other Sunday on KSQD, Jill hosts local and national thought leaders who offer knowledge, insight, and strategic choices for recreating Democracy. Join Christine to discover what inspired Jill to become a bold and dedicated voice for empowering political structures that work for all of life.

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Christine Barrington has lived on numerous continents and is an avid student of the stories human beings tell to create meaningful lives. She practices as a transformational coach and is dedicated to being of service in uplifting individual brilliance and capacity.

Christine is a talk show host for “Talk of the Bay” and the “Behind the Mic” series on KSQD 89.5, 89.7 & 90.7 FM bringing stories of creativity and commitment from local and national personalities as humanity strives to meet this moment of dire transformation on planet earth.