Good News Santa Cruz
Justin Cummings

On March 31st 2022 Justin Cummings talked with Pauline Seales on the  Good News Santa Cruz program.

They talked about Justin’s Chicago background, and the environmental monitoring program he currently supervises,  which uses drones for environmental monitoring and is especially useful for studying CZU fire recovery.

Justin is running for the 3rd district supervisor seat and his goals include:

  1. Streamlining CZU rebuilding
  2. Addressing housing/homelessness. He would press for the county 15% inclusion of affordable units to be increased to 20%, and include deed restrictions with affordable housing. He is a strong supporter of the Public Bank efforts in process, as public banks could help fund affordable housing.
  3. Improving criminal justice, especially appropriate responses to emergency calls

They also discussed the urgency of Climate Change and the need to keep the rail track.


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