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Is This a Dream? Lucid Dreaming with Adam Cotton

We spoke about Adam’s Santa Cruz roots, then dove into lucid dreaming topics including the levels of lucidity, where we might go when we’re dreaming, whether we encounter non-self beings when we dream and the possible dangers of thoughtlessly colonizing this interdimensional shared dreamspace.

We played some of Adam’s dream-inspired music and talked about his podcast, “Is This a Dream?” which he describes as an homage to lucid dreaming rather than a how-to program. He concludes by saying that lucid dreaming gives him energy and has made him “a better version” of himself.

Adam Cotton is a composer and guitarist originally from Austin, Texas. He grew up playing in experimental rock bands and went on to get a music degree at UC Santa Cruz where he studied composition, classical guitar, music production and forest frolicking. Eventually he ended up in LA and cofounded the psychopathadelic rock band PLaNETS while also working as a composer and sound designer in the film world. He has written guitar ensemble music which is performed around the country. Adam has been fascinated by lucid dreaming since he was a kid. Recently he decided to throw together a podcast series on the subject called Is This a Dream?, a lucid dreaming podcast.

You can reach Adam Cotton at his various social media spots: @isthisadream_ (instagram)

Some of his recent music can be found here:

Live ambient music by Rick Kleffel.

Show aired on November 21, 2020.



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