Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Humanizing technology... one student at a time

UC Santa Cruz’s Humanizing Technology Certificate Program for undergraduate students studying engineering and other STEM fields is an innovative educational program that hopes to solve an age-old problem: How do we educate technologists both to create cutting edge technology and to foresee some of the problems it might create? From the invention of the wheel, human society has been flummoxed by the unintended consequences of new technologies. Plato famously thought that the written word would bring down civilization as he knew it. The Catholic church feared the printing press and the telescope. In our times, we fear social media and ChatGPT.

Three UCSC professors join host Suki Wessling to talk about how UCSC is working to educate a new generation of technologists, young people who not only understand technology, but also understand humanity. Join Jody Greene, Pranav Anand, and Laura Martin to explore the implications of the technology created yesterday… and the technology just about to crest our horizons.

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