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Grief Dreams with Dr Joshua Black

Katherine speaks to Dr Joshua Black about dreams of beloved deceased which he calls Grief Dreams. He talks about his introduction to the significance of dreams when he had a dream at 18 years old which helped him come to terms with the loss of a relationship. We talk about his first grief dream around his father’s death then about the history of what drew him to study the little studied field of grief dreams. Dr Black then shares some of his research into the statistics of grief dreams and how prevalent that really are. Most of them are pleasant dreams and comforting to the dreamer, but some are not. Even though it is common for people to dream about beloved deceased when they are close to death, Dr Black reassures us that dreaming about a loved one does not mean we are about to die! We also take a call from Esther Frances who shared a dream which involved “dancing on the bones of the dead” and a coyote figure who reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously.

Bio. Dr. Joshua Black is a grief researcher, speaker, author, and host of the Grief Dreams Podcast. He has focused all of his MA and PhD research in psychology on investigating grief dreams and continuing bonds from many types of loss, including prenatal loss and pet loss. Most of his academic research and publications have specifically been on dreams of the deceased. Due to the lack of academic research in this field, Joshua has focused his efforts on raising awareness on grief dreams through doing talks, workshops, and interviews. Additionally, he developed a grief dreams website and runs several social media accounts on the topic.
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Show aired on September 26, 2020.


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