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Getting Back to the (Alan Chadwick) Garden, with Orin Martin, Master Gardener, Horticulturalist and Teacher

Sustainability Now!

Sunday, April 18th, 2021, from 5-6 PM

UCSC’s Agroecology Farm is known around the world for innovation, training and inspiration.  But before there was a Farm, there was a Garden: the Alan Chadwick Garden, launched in 1967 on a steep, rocky clay hill side. It is still there today, although very few people know of its existence.  Join host Ronnie Lipschutz in a conversation with Orin Martin, who has managed the Chadwick Garden since 1977 and where he is widely admired for his skills as a master orchardist, horticulturalist, and teacher.  Tune in to hear about Orin’s role at the Chadwick Garden, as well as its origins and history since the 1970s.  You’ll be well-prepared to visit it when UCSC reopens.

You can read Orin’s oral history for the UCSC library here.  A website dedicated to Alan Chadwick is here.  And oral histories of organic and sustainable farming on California’s Central Coast are available here.

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