Faith Matters: Founders


A Catholic deacon, Baha’i leader, and a Muslim community leader share about the lives of the founders of their spiritual traditions.

Topic:       Founders


  • Deacon Patrick Conway (Catholic)

  • Ymasumac Maranon-Davis (Baha’i)

  • Maha Elgenaidi (Islam) [not pictured]

Most of the world’s great spiritual traditions have individual founders–people who had a distinct vision of the world, who taught about how they felt life worked, and gathered around them a group of followers. Now, many years later, these leaders still have millions of people following the traditions they started.  On this program, our panel discusses the Founders of three spiritual traditions:

  • Who are the founders of these religious traditions and how did they start their spiritual paths?
  • How do these individuals, who lived hundreds, or thousands, of years ago somehow still inspire people in the 21st century?
  • How do their followers today draw guidance, strength and wisdom from these spiritual founders?