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Filmmaker Giorgio Angelini explores themes in "Owned: A Tale of Two Americas"

Giorgio Angelini is a filmmaker with a background in architecture and music. His 2019 documentary film “Owned: A Tale of Two Americas” touches on broad themes of housing, homeownership, affordability, post WWII historical roots of current crises, and the meaning of home in our culture. For several years he toured with professional bands including The Rosebuds and Bishop Allen. The 2008 housing crisis pushed him out of the touring world and back into graduate school, where he studied architecture at Rice University. He sees a big intersection between architecture and filmmaking, and the name of his company, Section Perspective Films, is a nod to that realization.

Angelini says “In architecture, we communicate ideas through drawing. In film, through a script. The most common drawing we communicate through is typically a floor plan. It is the most literal expression of an idea. But it exists in a two-dimensional, flat plane. Conversely, A section drawing operates by cutting vertically through multiple layers of a building, exposing relationships between space and program that would otherwise not be evident on a plan. But it too exists within a two-dimensional plane. A “section perspective” expands on this flatness, revealing a design’s inner-workings and bringing to life what was once flat space. Many worlds existing at once, bound together by built form. My approach to film making borrows from this metaphor.”