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Dreams and Shamanism with Katrina Appleby

Communing in her dreams with animal spirit guides and contacting gods and goddesses is part of Kat’s shamanic dreamwork practice. She begins by describing her childhood nightmares about snakes and how Snake eventually became a powerful spirit guide for her.

Kat tells about how her “dark night of the soul” opened her up to reexamine her contract with God. She describes how surrendering can lead to new growth by sharing the Welsh myth of Ceridwen. Kat also reads a story that she created about snakes called, “We Once Were Dragons.”

We end with a question from Rick about how to identify gods and goddesses in our dreams. Kat suggests it has to do with the “twinkle in the eye” and that the god might show up even as a homeless person.

BIO: Katrina Appleby is a Certified Professional Dreamworker and a Mentor for the Institute of Dream Studies. Since the age of four Kat has been aware of the importance and power of dreams and dreamt often about snakes. She finds that it is indeed quite normal to meet Gods, Goddesses and power animals in her dreams. Kat joins us today from the UK. She is passionate about working with people and their dreams, especially with those that feel that they have a bigger purpose and calling and are looking to their dreams to find out which direction to take.

You can contact Kat Appleby through her Facebook group page called Giant’s Dreamers which can be found here:

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We play short clips from the following two guest-selected songs:

(1) Clannad’s “I will find you” the “Last of the Mohicans” song
(2) Ah Nee Mah from the Ancient Voices Album the song “Ceremony”

Ambient music created by Rick Kleffel new every week. This week’s creation is called Flowminate. Many thanks to Rick Kleffel for the music and also for engineering the show. Thanks to Tony Russomano for monitoring the phones.

Show aired on November 6, 2021.


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