The Dream Journal
The Dream Journal
Dreams and Relationships Redux with Keren Vishny, MD

Connecting with the feelings in our dreams can lead to improved relationships. Dr. Vishny shares some personal dream stories and also gives examples about how dreams have helped people to open up to their innate ability to love.

BIO. Keren Vishny is a psychotherapist and certified Natural Dreamwork Practitioner. She is also a teacher and workshop facilitator affiliated  the CG Jung Center, Evanston Illinois and the Marion Woodman Foundation.Over her 28 years of work in the healing arts , Keren has shifted from mainstream medical practice  to a focus on psycho-spiritual healing through dreams. Keren has a master’s in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University, studied for many years with Jungian Analyst Marion Woodman and completed the BodySoul Rhythms Leadership training offered by the Marion Woodman Foundation. In 2012 she met poet/ dreamwork practitioner Rodger Kamenetz, whose guidance and mentoring provided the capstone to her dreamwork training. Keren has experienced first-hand, the potency of dream healing. For Keren,this transformation has included improved relationships and the reemergence of her poet, after 40 years hibernation.

Keren’s dreamwork integrates a Jungian understanding of Psyche with an appreciation for the importance of felt experience  and embodied imagination.

Keren works with clients in her office in Wilmette, Illinois, and nationally via video-conference.

She can be reached via her website:

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Show was broadcast September 25, 2021 from an interview which originally aired on January 11, 2020.


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