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The Dream Journal
Dreaming and Enchantment with Writer Andy Couturier

My personal writing mentor, Andy Couturier, is helping me through the birth of my book about dreaming. Andy is also an avid dreamer in his own right, and he has lots of say about using dreams to deepen our enchantment and sense of magic in the world.

We start with Andy sharing an early childhood dream of bookcases full of presents which he thinks of as the gifts of life to come. He says that dreams are a welcome non-utilitarian part of my life and quotes from Thomas Moore’s book The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life. We talk about the Abundance of Less by our guest and The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard.

Andy recommends that we ask questions of our dreams without needing to answer them. He also shares some writing exercises from his book Writing Open the Mind designed to access the subconscious and describes the logistics of his self-organized dream group encouraging you, the listener, to set up one of your own.

We take a call from a widow in Aptos whose husband died three years ago. After an absence of three years, now he is starting to appear in her dreams. We also take a call from Elizabeth in Bellingham who says that her dreams are guiding her as she writes her memoir, and she ends by asking a provocative question about how we are each placed in time which inspires Andy to share one of his precognitive dreams.

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BIO: Mentor of hundreds of completed books and author of Writing Open the Mind and The Abundance of Less, Andy Couturier is a writing coach and an engaged dreamer. During waking hours he is also guiding Katherine’s book creation journey using innovative writing techniques that access subconscious processes. He walks the line between dreams and the waking subconscious, practicing an open-minded curiosity and amazement toward dreams, and he likes to welcome all the dream parts without making a story of them, but including them all and giving them all voice. He is developing a new course for this summer called “Dreaming and Writing.”

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Show aired May 13 2023.


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