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Dream Inspired Music and Native American Sacred Sites with Curtiss Hoffman, PhD

Also can dreams open our minds to other consciousnesses? Our guest today is professor emeritus Curt Hoffman, PhD. Curt is an archeologist and an anthropologist. He starts by describing that several big dreams shared with colleagues inspired his interest in dreaming. He has been a member of IASD (International Association for the Study of Dreams, since 1997.

We play several pieces of Curt’s music whose creation was guided by explicit instructions from his dreams. He produced 768 pieces of music in 19 months and has assigned one to each card in the Tarot deck. His website sharing these pieces will be up soon. Our show music creator Rick Kleffel takes the mic to ask if Curt knows of the work of Bill Nelson who has similar dream-inspired pieces plus Rick shares his own recent dream-inspired music story.

We then speak about Curt’s book Stone Prayers about identifying almost 6000 sacred sites on the Eastern Seaboard in which he provides evidence that these sites were were constructed as sacred places by the indigenous peoples of the region. Curt touches into his experiences around consciousness sharing during dreaming. He shares his dream from that morning about a liger (lion and tiger cross-breed).

We take two callers: Sonia from Massachusetts asks about whether the IASD conference will come to Bridgewater soon. And Tony Russomano relays a question from Cindy from Santa Rosa about an example of some of the dreams that inspired his music.

BIO: Curtiss Hoffman, Ph.D., is professor emeritus of Anthropology at Bridgewater State University, where he taught courses in archaeology, mythology and culture and consciousness. Curt has been an active member of the IASD since 1997, currently serving on the IASD Program Committee and the Hartmann Student Research Awards Committee.

You can find Curt’s music here:

Intro music is Water over Stones and outro music is Everything both by Mood Science. Today’s ambient music is created by Rick Kleffel. The audio can be found at Many thanks to Rick Kleffel for also engineering the show, to Tony Russomano for answering the phones and to Ewa Malady for audio editing.

Show aired on March 4, 2023.


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