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The Dream Journal
Dream Divination with Nana Fofie Bashir

Nana Fofie Amina Bashir was trained in the Akom tradition of West Africa and is a multi-modal artist. Nana Fofie shares her ideas around decolonization and restorative integration of ancestral wisdoms. She starts by describing her training in Ghana, Cameroon, and Togo and reminds us that Carl Jung got many of his ideas around dreamwork through his visits with African tribes. We speak about working with dream themes and watching them evolve and about making spirit connections through dreams.

After the break we get a call from Jenny from Santa Cruz who asks about shamanic drumming. Nana Fofie agrees that drumming can be another way to connect to the divine. She then speaks about the work of visionary world-building of author Octavia Butler who got many of her ideas in her dreams. We take a second call from Stephanie Burns from New Orleans who is herself a dream professional who asks for tips about how to better dream for other people and for the community. Stephanie also speaks about communicating with ancestors in dreams. Nana Fofie ends by speaking about layers of collective trauma.

BIO: Nana Fofie is a spirit and energy worker, a somatic and expressive arts therapist. She is an okomfo opanin, trained in the Akom tradition of West Africa and rooted in New Orleans, Louisiana. Throughout the Gulf South and across the globe, she guides individuals, groups, and institutions in uncolonized relational practices for trauma healing and liberation.

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This show, episode number 261, was recorded during a live broadcast on June 1, 2024 at, community radio of Santa Cruz.

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