Be Bold, America!
Be Bold, America!
Dobbs v. Jackson: A Cascade of Consequences

“Be Bold America!” Sunday, July 31, 2022 at 5:00pm (PDT)


Did you just wake up and realize that the Supreme Court stole your body?

What was the Constitutional reasoning to overturn Roe v. Wade after nearly 50 years?

What was the Dobbs v. Jackson lawsuit all about? How did the majority of judges use it to mandate governmentally forced pregnancy?  What did the concurrence and dissent opinions say?

Justice Clarence Thomas stated that other cases should be revisited. What does THAT mean and did he and other justices mislead the Senate and the public at their confirmation hearings? What is “stare decisis” anyway and how is it used to cause judicial continuity?


Interview Guest: Margaret M. Russell, JD. Professor Russell is an associate Professor of Law and has been on the Santa Clara University School of Law faculty since 1990. Professor Russell is affiliated with the University’s Center for Social Justice & Public Service, the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, and the Center for Multicultural Learning.

She has been honored for her contributions to student life at Santa Clara by the Asian Pacific Law Students Association and the Black Law Students Association. In 1991, she traveled to South Africa with a delegation of legal scholars to provide consultation on constitution-drafting for the post-apartheid transition.

Prior to joining the Santa Clara Law faculty, Professor Russell was a fellow at the public interest firm Public Advocates, Inc., a law firm in San Francisco. She served as the director of Public Interest Programs and as the acting assistant dean of student affairs at Stanford University, and also clerked for the Honorable James E. Doyle of the U.S. District Court in Madison, Wisconsin.