Faith Matters: Death & the Afterlife


A Jewish rabbi, Christian pastor, and a Buddhist nun discuss how they understand the existence of death and the hope of the afterlife. 

Topic:       Death & the Afterlife


  • Rabbi Paula Marcus (Jewish Reform)

  • Venerable Tenzin Chogyki (Buddhist)

  • Pastor Matt Valencia (Evangelical)

All of us have to face our own mortality–that our time on earth is limited and will come to an end. What happens afterwards? There is an answer given within each of the world’s great spiritual traditions. Our panel dives into a thought-provoking conversation discussing the big questions such as:

Why is there death in the world? Why do all living things die?

What happens after we die? Do we merely cease to exist, or is there an afterlife? If so, what is the afterlife like?

Is there a relationship between the choices we make here on earth and the afterlife?