The Dream Journal
The Dream Journal
Connecting with Deceased Loved Ones with Shauna Domalain

Shauna starts by sharing some of her early experiences of connecting with loved ones on the “Other Side”. Some of these connections come through dreams as well as through waking life such as Shauna’s encounters with butterflies, heart rocks and whiffs of perfume. We talk about the grieving process and how that can get in the way of receiving dreams about our loved ones.

We take an email from Amanda who shares her dreams of her deceased twin and how helpful they have been. We then take a call from Ellen who shares that she has so far never dreamed about her mother after death even though they were very close. We end with a call from Sarah who shares her experiences about dreams of her estranged deceased sister.

BIO: Shauna is the creative founder of the Growing Up in Heaven Programs for mothers who want to connect and communicate with their children on the Other Side. Shauna’s personal journey through the loss of her son has paved a path for mothers to move from grief to relief as they learn to make the connection with their child in Heaven. A powerhouse in the spiritual communication realms, Shauna’s first-hand experience with loss and grief allow her to share a wealth of soulful + heart-felt tools and support on how to navigate loss and find true meaning in life again. She runs her business from her home in Canada and is the host of The Oracle of Light Podcast. Shauna enjoys kickboxing and working out, spending time in the mountains with family and friends, and her continued quest for the perfect cup of coffee.

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We play clips from the following two guest-selected songs: Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac and Diamonds by Rhianna.

Ambient music created by Rick Kleffel new every week.

Show aired on October 2, 2021.


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