Santa Cruz Naturalist
California Red-legged Frogs with Regina Spranger part I

This month in Santa Cruz Naturalist, we follow up with Ph.D student Regina Spranger and find out more about local amphibians (we learned about California Giant Salamanders last month with her here). She tells us about Pacific Chorus Frogs, one of the most commonly heard and seen frogs in Santa Cruz, and California Red-legged Frogs, one of the least commonly heard and seen frogs.

Tune in to KSQD 90.7 FM to listen live the week of April 6th 2020: Tuesday 7:53 am and Saturday 11:54 am.

The photo below is of a beautiful, red, California Red-legged Frog. Taken by Jamie Bettaso.

CA Red-legged frog

Thanks to our guest Regina Spranger. Feel free to contact her @ReginaSpranger, she welcomes any questions about her research or the local amphibians of Santa Cruz!