Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Behind the Mic: Jennifah Chard of Zombie Jamboree

On Talk of the Bay May 2, 2022 Christine Barrington goes Behind the Mic with Jennifah Chard, Dj and host of the funky, the eclectic, and the always joyful, Zombie Jamboree happening every Friday night from 8-10 pm 

Behind the Mic is a show dedicated to revealing and celebrating the community behind our community radio station. The rich histories of our volunteer programmers may surprise and delight you.

Jennifah Chard has been broadcasting in Santa Cruz for close to three decades, almost all of those in the wee, wee, hours so if you are a night owl who flips on the radio you may have bumped into her, like a ghost in the night. The Goodtimes has described her “radio shtick as a host of funky sounds that run the gamut from punk, rap, slow jams, 80s new wave treasures, hip-hop, anything that suits your fancy, with off the cuff subconscious chops.” If you check her out, you will see the descriptor still holds. 

Vintage Jennifah from Goodtimes 2001 Cover Story