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Behind the Mic: Erik Nelson

On Talk of the Bay, Tuesday, January 12, 2021 Christine Barrington continues her series Behind the Mic interviewing Erik Nelson, DJ of Saturday’s Creative Bandwidth and Monday’s Dead-Air.

It is said that Community radio should be 10% radio and 90% community, and KSQD lives up to that equation. Whether it’s music or talk, much of the programming streaming your way is created by community volunteers offering their talents for the sheer love of doing what they do. But, who are these people running the studio, spinning the tunes, and sharing tales with local and national personalities? Their stories will likely surprise and delight you.

Erik Nelson is a documentary film director and television producer with hundreds of films and television credits under his belt. He collaborated closely with Werner Herzog on the highly successful Grizzly Man, Encounters at the End of the World, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, and Into the Abyss. Erik’s most recent documentaries rely on techniques of forensic reconstruction and feature the two different theaters of World War II. 2019’s The Cold Blue (HBO Max) is an intimate and almost tender tribute to the soldiers of the 8th Air Force Division who flew grueling bombing missions over Europe in B-17’s. 28,000 of them died during the course of the war.

Enjoy this short documentary about the making of The Cold Blue

Apocalypse ’45 chronicles the savage battles with Japanese forces in the last months of WW II.  The film was drawn from 700 reels of archival color footage that had been sitting in a vault in the National Archives and never before seen by the public. Digitally restored to 4K, which allows for high quality resolution for the big screen, it was briefly released in August of 2020 for the 75th anniversary of V-J Day. It awaits a post Covid world for general release when it can be accommodated in theaters.

Listeners will also enjoy hearing about Erik’s prescient 2017 film A Gray State, which chronicles the eccentric American veteran, and aspiring film-maker, David Crowley, who was admired by fans of Alex Jones, and whose death triggered conspiracy theories. A GRAY STATE is rentable on Apple iTunes and for sale on AMAZON.

We’ll be leaning on Erik’s expertise on extremist right-wing media to explore the dramatic January 6th insurrection in Washington DC and what it might mean for us as a nation.

Photo of David Crowley shooting a scene for his never produced film A Gray State.