KSQD 90.7 FM Santa Cruz
KSQD 90.7 FM Santa Cruz
Behind the Mic: Christopher Smith of Classical Tune-Up

On Talk of the Bay, December 20, 2021 Christine Barrington went Behind the Mic with Christopher Smith, DJ for Sunday morning’s Classical Tune Up.

KSQD is community radio—whether it’s music or talk, much of the programming streaming your way on 90.7 FM is created by community volunteers offering their expertise for the sheer love of doing what they do. But, who are the people running the studio, spinning the tunes, and sharing tales with local and national personalities? Their stories may surprise and delight you.

Christopher Smith opens shop to welcome you to a world of classical music adventures, oh so early. Every Sunday morning from 6-9am he serves up the familiar, the obscure, the strange, and the beautiful all in the hopes of tuning up your being through the marvelous power of a mature yet ever evolving art form. Not surprisingly, Christopher possesses a wealth of knowledge and intimate experience with the genre. He is a classically trained pianist and composer. He also serves on the Board of the Santa Cruz Baroque Festival. 

Join us to reveal and celebrate the community behind our community radio station. K-Squid 90.7 Fm.