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Dream Incubation for Greater Self Awareness with Kelly Lydick

Today we talk with author Kelly Lydick about her new release Dream Incubation for Greater Self Awareness. Kelly is a Gateway Dreaming Coach, Reiki Master and is the founder of Waking the Dream.

We start off by speaking about the importance of aligning of mind, body and spirit and how dreams bring us into balance and help us manage our self awareness. Kelly give specific suggestions around dream incubation including what kinds of questions to ask and what rituals will enhance the incubation. We also speak about working with colors in dreams using the chakra system and about incubation around creative projects. Kelly suggests that dream recall can be enhanced by trying different body positions when we wake up. We also talk about children and dreams.

We take three callers. The first is from Chris from Felton who asks about the possible connection between body position and cerebral spinal fluid. The second is Sandra from Texas who shares a dream about a person in a wheelchair. The third caller is Diana from San Antonio who shares a dream about a little girl and a closet.

BIO: Kelly Lydick has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and is a Reiki Master and a Meditation Facilitator. She has certifications in Music Therapy and Sound Healing, Energy Medicine, and Mindfulness. She is a certified Life Coach and a Gateway Dreaming™ Coach. In 2019, Kelly was a graduate of the inaugural class of Eckhart Tolle’s School of Awakening. She is the author of Mastering the Dream and her book Dream Incubation for Greater Self-Awareness was just released in April 2022. At Waking the Dream, Kelly provides individual creative consulting and group workshops in personal development and creative development including dream work, meditation, and more.

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Show aired on July 30, 2022.


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