Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Area Farmers Impacted by Flooding

Frequent rains and storms of last winter have had a heavy impact on the farming industry. According to San Francisco Chronicle, just in Monterey County, more than 15,000 acres of farmland were flooded in January costing over 330 million dollars in damages. The flood affected the production of fresh berries, like strawberries and raspberries as well as leafy green like lettuce.

Intern reporter Elnaz Sarbar Boczek spoke with Javier Zamora as he was cleaning his flooded farm. Zamora owns JSM Organics, a small farm in Royal Oaks that grows strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, vegetables and flowers. His farm was flooded twice. We also hear from Norm Groot, director of the Monterey County Farm Bureau.