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An Everyday Cult with Gerette Buglion

We explore the dynamic of unethical persuasion especially in the context of dreams. Sharing a dream is a vulnerable act. How do we support each other in owning our own dream experiences without unduly influencing each other? Today we talk with Gerette Buglion about her new book, An Everyday Cult. Gerette is passionate about promoting ethical forms of self-discovery.

We talk about gentle ways of exploring dreams together and about what red flags to look out for around choosing a practitioner. Gerette shares some of her experiences about how her life was upended through a cult whose spiritual center involved manipulative dream analysis.

We talk about Gerette’s current work in the cult survivor movement and her part in the creation of the #Igotout movement in which people who have escaped from cults are encouraged to share their stories. We finish by talking about NXIVM and QAnon and the Unification Church (aka the Moonies).

Gerette hosts a podcast called Everyday Cults, Everyday People. You can also learn more about cults and get help through organizations including the International Cultic Studies Association. She also hosts a writing class called “Writing to Reckon”.

Bio: Gerette Buglion B.A. Elementary Education and Special Education, was born on Long Island NY and migrated north, eventually landing in Vermont. Her work and passions merged in caring for others as an elementary school teacher, special educator, house parent for people with special needs, a hiking guide and business owner. Her greatest accomplishments include parenting two exceptional young adults, marrying an extraordinarily understanding man and escaping from what she calls ‘an everyday cult’.

Also the title of her memoir, An Everyday Cult shows how an innocent quest for meaning was hijacked by a teacher who recognized Gerette’s thirst for spiritual knowledge, awakening insight – while simultaneously eroding her capacity for critical thinking. In her book, she shows readers how a mind and psyche can be compromised by a controlling leader—using techniques that fly under the radar of human awareness—and implores readers to wake up to these ever-present abuses of power.

Her current work in Cult Recovery and Education arises from her dedication to helping others navigate and avoid complex power systems found in controlling groups the world over. Gerette has been a regular presenter at the annual conference for ICSA, the International Cultic Studies Association since 2015. Her signature writing course called, ‘Writing to Reckon’ offers a safe space for cult survivors to share their story through written word. She works as a consultant and educator in cult dynamics for individuals, families and organizations of all kinds and is a founding collaborator of the #iGotOut movement, whose sole mission is to encourage people who have experienced cultic abuse to tell their stories to help steer society towards a new day where abuse of power is not tolerated.

She is especially excited to be a guest on The Dream Journal since the cult she was involved with for 18 years used dream analysis as a controlling technique. Her cult recovery process over the last seven years has included creating new and gentler ways of exploring dreams which continue to inform, support and inspire her. Gerette is passionate about promoting ethical forms of self-discovery.

You can contact her at her webpages:

And you can read a review of her book here.

We play clips from the following two guest-selected songs: Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” and Moon Panda’s “On the Attack”

Live ambient music by Rick Kleffel.

Show aired on August 21, 2021.


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