Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
An Approach to Healing the Wounds of Racial Injustice through Equine Experiential Learning: Lori Halliday and Sarah Cruse

The question of how we heal the wounds of racial injustice in America is daunting. On Talk of the Bay December 1, 2020 host Christine Barrington interviews two women who are facilitating a local initiative that is novel in its approach and which may point a way forward.

Lori Halliday is the founder of Horse and Heart, an equine ranch that teaches transformational relationship skills through working with horses. For 20 years Lori has assisted individuals and at risk youth from the foster system to heal through Equine Experiential Learning. In the wake of the George Floyd killing, and the massive uprisings that resulted, Lori decided to apply her skills built through natural horsemanship experiences to approach the race question. The result has been two six-week Equine Experiential Learning journeys dedicated to building a relational field conducive to healing around this deeply divisive national wound. 

Join Lori, and her key facilitation partner, Sarah Cruse, as they share with Christine their learning journey into the challenging arena of how to heal the painful racial legacy we all live with in this nation.

Horse and Heart Ranch offers individual and small group lessons to build skillful relationship skills through intuitive horsemanship:

“Under the guidance of our highly trained Horse and Heart team, horse lovers of all levels and disciplines work with the horse to achieve success without force, partnership without dominance, teamwork without fear, willingness without intimidation, and harmony without coercion. By learning about your relationship with the horse, you will learn about every other relationship in your life.”