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The Dream Journal
All Caller Solstice / Juneteenth Dream Show

In that synchronistic ways that dreams have, all four callers and even my own dream sharing revolve around family members. My dream share involves seeing my father at risk and feeling tenderness for him as in waking life his health has lately been poor.

We start with Amanda from Santa Cruz who shares two dreams, the first about her estranged sister showing up naked and unwelcome in her bed. The second is a dream of a beautiful cavern from which she can see the sea. She felt like this dream was for her friend whose family is going through a hard time. She had shared the dream with her friend who appreciated it very much.

We also receive a call from Susan Ackerman Joseph who shares some of her excitement about the recent IASD conference. She also shares about how her dreams about her mother (who died 35 years ago) have shifted over the years. While virtually attending the conference and listening to keynote Fanny Brewster, Susan found that those dreams about her mother took on a whole new and deeper sense of meaning.

Lucille from Cambria calls next to share her hopes that her long-deceased mother is now happy even though she wasn’t happy in waking life. She also shares a dream where she gets to pet a dog and feel a sense of peacefulness and connection.

Our final call is from Sylvia from Ontario Canada who shares a dream about meeting her great grandmother, a woman who died long before she was born. She shared some of her conference experiences around an indigenous dream group in which dreams were honored through scribing and dream art but not through reflection or projection or interpretation. The group was led by Apela Colorado of the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network at We also spoke about IASD keynote Eduardo Duran who said, “Compassion is the wormhole to enlightenment.:

Show aired Saturday, June 19.

We played a clip from a version of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” by the Wardlaw Brothers.

Live ambient music by Rick Kleffel.

Show will be broadcast June 19, 2021 and podcast Monday, June 21.


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