Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Alan Lovewell and Real Good Fish

On Talk of the Bay, Tuesday, July 7, 2020 Christine Barrington interviews Alan Lovewell, CEO and Co-Founder of Real Good Fish in Moss Landing.

Alan’s vision sounds simple: Inspire people to be more connected to the Monterey Bay ecosystem by way of their plates. The effects of this simple vision have been complex. In less than a decade after launching this community supported fishery, Alan has played a powerful role in helping to revive many Monterey Bay fisheries. His drive to understand and strengthen the ocean to table ecosystem has helped reduce bycatch waste and increased the nutrition of school lunch programs through his Bay2Tray initiative. Alan is not just a fisherman, not just a businessman.  He is a philosopher and a societal transformation advocate who has been honored by the Obama Administration as a “Champion of Change.”

Alan envisions a Monterey Bay social and oceanic ecosystem that fosters deep understanding of our mutual interconnectedness and affords us a chance to cultivate commonality, connection, and empathy during a time of great social divide by understanding how our lives intimately intersect with the life of the ocean.

Have a listen to discover how what we put on our plate can help change the world. 

Check out the Real Good Fish website to sign up for home delivery of locally caught fish and sustainably-raised meats. Linger on the site for an education on the health of our US fisheries, the pros and cons of catch methods, and to discover the sustainability of the fish landing on your plate.