Good News Santa Cruz
Good News Santa Cruz
Extinction Rebellion and The Chase Bank Action

On Good News Santa Cruz Pauline Seales interviews Alison Buchter a local Extinction Rebellion (XR) activist.

On February 28th, 2020 the local XR group planned a large action against Chase Bank at Ocean and Water Sts. The discussion detailed how Chase was singled out because it is currently by far the biggest funder of Tar Sands, oil pipelines and the fossil fuel extraction industry in general. (Note Wells Fargo is the biggest funder of fracking).

The February 28 action was planned in 2 parts – outside lots of people did disco dancing to “Staying Alive”. There were speeches between dancing periods. Meanwhile Alison and 4 others has quietly entered the bank and linked arms. They held signs about divestment. Although they didn’t block customers they did refuse to leave and were finally arrested. They did not spend the night in jail and the court hearing is now postponed to July 7.

The discussion included more about Extinction Rebellion and the importance of raising awareness about the coming Climate Crisis.