Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Alan Fisher - the Armchair Urbanist on walkable cities, the disaster of autocentrism, transit, and planning sustainable cities


Alan Fisher grew up in Southern New Jersey, eventually moving to New Brunswick, NJ for college at Rutgers University, where he studied Mechanical Engineering. While living in New Brunswick he had access to New Jersey transit trains and Amtrak trains on the NorthEast corridor. This along with the start of the Pandemic made him revisit an old video project called “The Armchair Urbanist”.

The Armchair Urbanist series highlights issues and topics in Transportation and Urban Planning. The series continuously highlights a need for Railroad Electrification, Walkable cities and large changes in our National Rail Network.

Alan now lives in Philadelphia and does video editing full time for his channel and for other contracts. Alan also works for OnTrackNorthAmerica part time, a non-profit that does Freight Rail Planning and Advocacy.