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A Seth-Inspired Alternative Sleep Schedule with David Cielak

Trouble sleeping through the night? Maybe you are on your way to a superior sleep schedule which could enhance your creativity, flexibility, and dream recall. We talk with David Cielak about what Seth has to say about sleep and dreaming.

Dave recommends five hours of sleep at night preceded by the important suggestion that upon awakening I will be refreshed and ready for the day. You are also encouraged to nap as needed.

This sleep schedule enhances dream recall and can lead to more lucid dreaming and was inspired by the writings of Jane Roberts who channeled the entity Seth. He recommends using the following incubation “As I sleep I will attract from inner reality the very best possible events in all areas of my life.”

The Seth materials suggest that our waking reality is determined by our choices in our dream state. Dreams help us change the beliefs that dictate our waking life behavior.

We get more personal after the break and Dave talks about how the book Seth Speaks literally fell off the shelf into his lap and changed his life. I share a dream about my recently deceased father which reveals my changing beliefs, and Max asks Dave to tell us about his understanding of the Australian aboriginal concept of the Dreamtime.

BIO: David has been playing with dreams since childhood, over 55 years! David migrated to Australia in 1990 and used dreams to help that decision and process along. A long term student of the Seth Materials since his early 20. “We create reality from the inside out using the dream state”. David has been practicing the Superior Alternative Sleep Schedule for the past few years.

Upcoming courses: The Online Seth, Dream and Lucid Dreams Course runs November 15 to December 26th, and The Online Seth Intensive Course starts October 4.


Show aired on September 30, 2023.

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