Tune in to “Be Bold America!” Sunday,August 30, 2020 at 5:00pm

 “You can observe a lot by watching” – Yogi Berra

What you believe becomes reality. But, is that reality, real? Our minds pick up what’s familiar and comfortable but maybe not what’s true. In fact, we observe the world by not “watching,” but through filters. These filters are what make sense to us, but the filter from which we “observe” might have been created with polarization strategies. Strategies developed by those who want you to see the world their way, not as it might actually be. The polarization industry is a money-making enterprise and doesn’t care if the message received is real or not.

This Talk #2 between a Democrat and a Republican will be moderated by Andrew Hanauer, President and CEO of the One America Movement. Andrew will relate how we observe the world through our own lens and the strategies used to polarize America. In addition, Republican Kristen Collishaw and Democrat Jill Cody will discuss issues such as their conventions, mail-in ballots, and why they each chose to join their political party.

Interview Guests:

Kristen Collishaw is the Chair of the Santa Cruz County Republican Party and has lived in Santa Cruz County for 18 years where she and her husband raised three children.  She was brought up in a household where politics and local issues were often discussed, and differing opinions encouraged and respected. Knowing that understanding both sides of an issue were important for a successful country, kept the conversations lively and interesting.  A strong belief in America and all the opportunities that are part of this country have led her to be a lifelong conservative.

Andrew Hanauer is the President and CEO of the One America Movement, an organization founded by faith and community leaders to address divisiveness in American society. Under Andrew’s leadership, One America has launched projects that bring Americans together across religious, racial, and political divides to address race relations, opioids, poverty and homelessness and many other issues through One America chapters across the country.