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Vital Cycles Permaculture with Lydia Neilsen and Anne Freiwald

On Talk of the Bay, Monday, August 8, 2022 Christine Barrington welcomes Anne Freiwald and Lydia Neilsen to talk about their dynamic and multi-disciplinary earth stewardship work. Join in to learn how you can begin now to engage holistically with the vital cycles of the planet.

Vital Cycles was created by Anne Freiwald and Lydia Neilsen, who bring together extensive backgrounds in community health and permaculture education and activism. Curiosity about and study of Alchemy and Biodynamic herbs inspires a deep integration of the health of the land and the health of the individual. They have an action-based perspective that highlights skills, practices and resources necessary for growth, creativity, and vitality in person and place.

Anne Freiwald, MPH: Human ecology and permaculture educator and regenerative design consultant for individuals, landscapes and communities; over 28 years passionately committed to community resilience.

Lydia Neilsen: PINA certified permaculture educator, landscape and habitat designer, specializing in water cycle restoration and passionate polyculture. ​

Anne and Lydia offer an impressive and transformational Signature Permaculture Design & Human Ecology Course. This is a PINA recognized Permaculture Design Course (PDC) and includes over 40 hours of additional materials and practice on Human Ecology. In addition to this year long course, Anne and Lydia also offer permaculture landscape design consultations as well as signature and custom educational courses. Contact for more information.  To learn more about the course and their other offerings you can also visit their website: Vital Cycles

HUM Event August 12-14, 2022.  A weekend of song, connection and regeneration:  During this intimate in-person weekend participants will be facilitated in engaging the powerful complimentary tools of singing, permaculture for earth and self-healing, and the The Work that Reconnects.

For more information and to register, visit the Eventbrite page: HUM Registration

Songtress Debbie Nargi-Brown
HUM co-creator/facilitator Della Duncan Renegade Economist

Lydia and Anne