Unheard Voices
Unheard Voices with Douglas H. Palmer, Former Mayor of Trenton, NJ

On Unheard Voices, Friday, April 2, 2021 Bobby Bishop interviews Douglas H. Palmer, the former Mayor of Trenton, NJ, and the first African-American to serve in that office–first elected in 1990, he went on to serve as mayor for a distinguished 20 years.

Douglas Palmer also served as the President of the US Conference of Mayors from 2006-2008, and from his experienced political vantage point he discusses with Bobby the tremendous efforts of Stacey Abrams to build a healthy system of voter’s rights in Georgia, as well as the powerful corporate pushback to Georgia’s new and repressive voter legislation.


Unheard Voices is a derivative of the new Civil Rights Movement Black Lives Matter. Because all lives do matter, this program is inclusive of all people of the colors of the Rainbow. We hold the vision that change begins in the heart, and with the intention to learn about others and respect their world views, we will find ways to coexist peacefully to create a world that works for all.