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UCSC Dishes Up Financial Wellness

Take a peek into how UCSC supports students to increase financial wellness. “Let’s Taco ‘Bout Money” is a workshop created by The College 9 and John R. Lewis College CoCurricular Programs Office (The CoCo) and the SlugCents Financial Wellness Program.  During “Let’s Taco ‘Bout Money,” (an event created and led by students Ella Chapman and Ash Kumar) students will learn about some of the historical reasons financial conversations are considered taboo in our society, and why efforts to boost “Financial Literacy” in the U.S. are ineffective. Students will also have opportunities to discuss how taboos and “financial silence” can harm individuals, families and communities, and how we can utilize a framework of financial wellness to reduce financial stress and reframe our understanding of what it means to be financially successful.

Guests include: Tiffany ZachmeierUCSC Financial Literacy Coordinator for Slug Cents Financial Wellness Program; Mark Gardner, Director of the Cocurricular Programs Office (The CocCo); Ella Chapman; Student Intern at The CoCo; Ash Kumar, Student Program Coordinator at The CoCo.