The Tower of Song will be presenting Part #2 of its annual New Year program, the Orphic Essay-with-Soundtrack series, “The New Year & Rebirth In Archaic Myth & Ritual.” Tune in at 12 a.m., Monday, January 8th, and hear the Gypsy Scholar go back in time—way, way back—into the mythic structure of archaic man’s ontology and cosmogony in order to investigate the characteristic features of the archaic and ancient New Year ritual that enabled its celebrants to experience rebirth or (as the song goes) “starting all over again.” Furthermore (in that the GS has already established that our contemporary New Year celebrations—no matter how profaned—still carry vestiges of the original, sacred New Year rituals), the GS will focus on “The Archetypes of Profane Activities,” because (as the song goes) “Behind the [profane] ritual you’ll find the spiritual.”

Update: The program is now available for listening 24/7 on the “Archived Musical Essays” webpage, along with the corresponding playlist on the “Programs & Playlists” webpage, on the Tower of Song website at Be sure to check out the “New Year” webpage that contains thematic images and supplementary information for the musical essay.