Tune in at 12 a.m., Monday, May 27th, and hear the Gypsy Scholar present the 5th and final installment of the Orphic Essay-with-Soundtrack series, “Beltane / May Day: A Holiday for Pagans & Workers.” Part 5 focuses in on the history of the International Workers’ May Day and ends with a history of Memorial Day–the two commemorations once occurring on the same day when Memorial Day was on May 1, 1865, then called “Decoration Day.” Be sure to check out the “Beltane / May Day” webpage, which is dedicated to this musical essay series, at revradiotowerofsong.com.

Program Update: This extended musical essay is now available for listening on the “Archived Musical Essays” webpage, along with the corresponding playlist on the “Program Playlists” webpage, on the Tower of Song website.