Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
The Changing Earth: Indigenous Wisdom and Earth Reckoning with Stan Rushworth

On Talk of the Bay, Tuesday, July 14, 2020 Christine Barrington interviews Stan Rushworth, author and professor emeritus of Native American Literature at Cabrillo College. 

As all inhabitants of planet Earth head into a time of ever increasing disruption, people are seeking greater understanding of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) to help discover a life-sustaining way forward. In partnership with fellow author Dahr Jamail, Stan is currently writing The Changing Earth: Indigenous Voices From Turtle Island”an innovative work of research and reportage that will present, via powerful and intimate encounters, the perspective of Indigenous peoples of the United States and Canada on the Earth’s climate and interrelated Covid-19 emergencies.

While Indigenous experience has deep knowledge to offer, there are necessary conditions for accessing this knowledge. A willingness to see and acknowledge the destructive costs of the extractive culture epitomized by colonizing models of civilization is a pre-requisite to achieving the capacity, or even the right, to receive Indigenous knowledge. Breaking the spell of conditioned cultural perceptions holds great promise for renewal and regeneration of life systems. Join Stan and Christine as they explore the powerful role that cultural reparation can play in unlocking human potential, opening a true path to connect with the wisdom of Indigenous populations who have mastered the skill of understanding how to endure and persevere, no matter the odds.

To enable Dahr Jamail and Stan to work on their upcoming book, there is a campaign with  Go Fund Me  to raise funds in support of this valuable offering. This is a beautiful way to contribute to transforming the cultural dialogue around climate disruption.

Prayer for the Earth is a Uplift Film Production about The Changing Earth: Indigenous Voices From Turtle Island.

Explore for beautiful introductions to his two previous publications: Sam Woods: American Healing and Going to Water: The Journal of Beginning Rain. In addition to The Changing Earth: Indigenous Voices From Turtle Island, Stan has new novel due out this Summer: Diaspora’s Children.

Interview with Katie Teague This is a 90-minute interview from film-maker Katie Teague. This interview with Stan was to be included as part of Katie’s upcoming “As Temperatures Rise” film project. Stan’s message was deemed too urgent to wait for the project to be completed and, therefore, this interview was released early.