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Sustainability Now! Sunday, November 12th: Replanting Burned over Sequoia Groves in the Sierras, with Dr. Christy Brigham, National Park Service, and Dr. Chad Hanson, John Muir Project

Replanting Burned over Sequoia Groves in the Sierras

Sustainability Now! Sunday, November 12th, 5-6 PM

Sequoias are among the oldest living things on Earth, and most of the world’s sequoias are in Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Parks. Since 2020, according to the National Park Service, almost 20% of that iconic species have been destroyed by wildfires.  The parks’ management is planning to repopulate the burned-over areas with thousands of sequoia seedings, in an effort to rebuild six groves.  But not everyone supports this project: some ecologists argue that there are enough seedlings growing in those groves to provide the next generation of trees.  Join host Ronnie Lipschutz to hear about the pros and cons from Dr. Christy Brigham, Chief of resources management and science at the two national parks and one of the architects of the plan, and from Dr. Chad Hanson, cofounder of the John Muir Project, who is a critic of the plan.

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(Photo credits: Replanting by Gary Coronado, LA Times; Christy Brigham, NPS; Chad Hanson, Sarabeth Maney, SF Chronicle)