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Sustainability Now! Sunday, May 2nd: What’s that bug up to, anyway? Insect socioecology in urban gardens, with Azucena Lucatero

“Gosh, I never realized there was a social ecology in my backyard!”

Tune in to Sustainability Now! find out just what those bugs are up to in your garden, as host Ronnie Lipschutz welcomes Azucena Lucatero, a third-year PhD student in Dr. Stacy Philpott’s lab at UC Santa Cruz. Lucatero studies the socio-ecology of urban gardens in the California central coast with special interests in biological pest control, community and population ecology, landscape ecology, and food justice.  The ladybugs are already home!

You can find information & publications about “BUGS” (Biodiversity in Urban Gardens) at  This includes the BUGS Garden Report 2019 and lots more!

That’s on Sunday, May 2nd, 2021, from 5-6 PM, on KSQD, 90.7 FM and streaming live on the internet.  Rebroadcast Tuesday, May 4th, 6-7 AM.

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