Sustainability Now! from KSQD Radio
Sustainability Now! from KSQD Radio
Sustainability Now! Sunday, March 31st: The Green Energy Resource Rush and the American West with Professor Dustin Mulvaney

The Green Energy Resource Rush & the American West

With Professor Dustin Mulvaney

Solar electricity is the fuel of the future.  But can we go solar without damaging the environment?  Solar farms in distant places need transmission lines to get their product to the market.  Storage batteries, and especially electric vehicles, require lithium and the stuff must be mined somewhere.  And all the while, its seems that the solar enterprise is being undermined by the struggle to control where solar panels can go and who can decide how little wholesale power will cost and how much you, the consumer, will pay.

Join host Ronnie Lipschutz as he welcomes back SJSU Environmental Studies Professor Dustin Mulvaney, who has been looking into the environmental consequences of solar farms, transmission lines and mining in California’s “Lithium Valley.”

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